Shamba Foundation

Calling Volunteers

We are currently seeking volunteers for Muse09.
If you would like to volunteer, or would like to hear more information please contact Alvin Lau.

New Leaders

Susan Yu, Chair
Bjoern Burkhardt, Sponsorship
Dr. Michelle Gervais, Cabinet Member
Stephanie Hogan, Media and Communications
Alvin Lau, Volunteers and Members
Simon Leith, Sponsorship (Food & Beverage)
Dr. Roxana Sufan, Finance and Treasury
Nathan Tam, Sponsorship
Jaclyn UyHam, Sponsorship
Courtney Verk, Graphic Designer
Jaime Verk, Art Direction
Jamie Wong, Sponsorship

An enormous THANK-YOU for the dedication and efforts of our Volunteers:

Ksenia Chezar, Sponsorship (F&B)
Denise Choi, Sponsorship
Jimmy Huang, Sponsorship (F&B)
Mickey Lungu, Sponsorship (F&B)
Farah Nabi, Sponsorship
Christine Nguyen, Sponsorship
Wendy O'Hara, Sponsorship (F&B)
Georgina Perez, Sponsorship
Karen Rodie, Sponsorship (F&B)
Susie Sue, Sponsorship
Barbara Suen, Sponsorship (F&B), Marketing
Andrew U, Web Design

Special Thanks to our past Cabinet Members who have contributed to this event:

Kyle Brack
Ada Tsang

October 22nd

Shamba Space
48 Yonge St.
Suite 1200
Toronto, ON
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